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In an ideal world, every fire that ever starts in any property would be successfully suppressed by some of the latest technologies designed to quell and control flames before they have had a chance to take hold. Unfortunately, that isn’t practically possible but there are situations in which it can be well worth the effort and investment to install the kind of technology that can indeed detect and suppress fires before, as or very soon after they get started.

Fire suppression systems can be installed in a wide variety of locations and all different types of building but they will generally be positioned in commercial buildings in which owners want to see specific assets protected. So fire suppression systems are commonly installed within properties that contain particularly valuable or important equipment or facilities. Schools or businesses might wish to protect with particular vigilance, for example, their computer facilities or an area in which important documents are stored and looked after.

Another good reason to install a fire suppression system rather than simply rely on smoke alarms is because some properties and facilities are particularly likely to see fires break out. Laboratory facilities or working restaurant kitchens for example are places more likely than most to experience fires and fire suppression systems provide extra levels of protection and risk prevention in these settings.

How fire suppression systems work  

Whatever the reasons are for installing a fire suppression system within a specific property, it is crucial to ensure that the equipment being fitted is fit for purpose. There are a variety of different ways to suppress fires and different kinds of fire suppression systems are available. It is not the case that one type of suppression system is better than any other, what matters is fitting the right system for the setting and for the purposes at hand.

In some situations, the best way to suppress a fire will be through the triggered deployment of water mist that can then be sprayed evenly throughout a room or an entire building. Water mist is often ideal in rooms protecting intellectual property or a room which contains lots of valuable archived documents because the damage done is minimal.

Meanwhile, another fire suppression option involves the triggered deployment of ansulex liquid, which can work fantastically well in settings such as a restaurant kitchen, where equipment being protected is more sturdy and less easily damaged and where the risks of a fire catching and spreading are considerable.

Beyond that there are numerous other types of fire suppression systems that work well and which can provide enormously valuable peace of mind to property owners. It is vital though to get the right advice when choosing a fire suppression system and to ensure that the solutions you deploy are right for your purposes.

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