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VESDA Smoke Detection in Kendal, Cumbria, Yorkshire & Lancashire

VESDA continues to dominate the Aspirating Smoke Detection market and recognised as the market leader in very early warning smoke detection.

VESDA products are used in industries such as transportation, manufacturing, IT&T, utilities and storage services. VESDA air-sampling smoke detectors are renowned for their ability to consistently deliver protection for a diverse range of global businesses and their challenging environments, providing enhanced life safety and business continuity solutions.

With the realisation of the consequences of a fire to critical data within computer server rooms, the need to detect a fire at the earliest stage becoming vitally important. Aspirating Smoke Detection system are becoming more and more an integral part of a Gas Suppression System. A VESDA system continually draws air from an area, through a pipe network, back to a central detector which continually monitors for very small amounts of smoke.

VESDA ASD Suppression Actuation Threshold (ASAT) Calculator

The air movement within mission critical environments creates detection difficulties by rapidly diluting the smoke and diverting it away from ceiling mounted detectors. Delayed detection means late suppression and more damage. The active, cumulative, air sampling performed by VESDA detectors throughout the protected area overcomes this problem, enabling earlier and more reliable detection. The ASAT Calculator factors in the airflow and room geometry when calculating VESDA alarm thresholds, so untimely suppression release, either too early or too late, is prevented. The full ranges of VESDA detectors are available from AKD and long with a competitive range of pipe & fittings complementing the range of AKD Suppression Products.


This is the core product of the range. Protecting areas up to 2000 m2 (20000 sq. ft), the VLP has 4 configurable alarm levels. It also has modular capabilities, it being possible to separate the user interface from the detector unit.


The VLS also protects areas up to 2000 m2 (20000 ft2), but offers individual pipe addressability across up to 4 sampling pipes. This means that the detector can determine where the smoke is in a room.


VESDA VLC protects areas up to 800 m2 (8000 ft2). It has 3 configurable alarm levels.


The Xtralis VESDA VLF 250 protects areas up to 250 m2 (2500 sq. ft.) The 500 model covers up to 500 m2 (5000sq. ft.). It has 4 configurable alarm levels and the latest ultrasonic airflow sensing.

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