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Security Alarms in Cumbria, Yorkshire & Lancashire

AKD is an SSAIB Approved Security Alarms Installation Company with ‘Police’ approved status in Cumbria, Lancashire and Cheshire. Utilising EMCS (East Midlands Central Station), one of the leading Independent Alarm Receiving Centres in the UK, AKD can offer peace of mind and provide a full range of services:

  • Security Alarms System Design and Installation
  • Security and Systems Integration Consultancy
  • Maintenance Contracts and Upgrades
  • Security System Financing and Planning

Security Alarms – Burglar Alarm Systems in Cumbria, Yorkshire & Lancashire

Theft and criminal damage by intruders mean a constant threat and ever increasing costs to businesses. Whether you need internal or external intruder detection, building security, or to safeguard key internal areas we have the solutions you need. AKD will assess the particular risks your premises and operations present, and build a burglar alarm solution around them combining proven techniques with leading edge technology.

Our approach to intruder alarms and security systems ensures that your system solution is user-friendly, simple, trouble free and effective at protecting your business, employees, visitors, information and assets.

Security Alarms – Central Monitoring Station

CSL Connected – This range is aimed at providing the end user with professional monitoring and ARC connectivity as well as access to the manufacturer cloud and smartphone apps – The Eaton variant is ordered through the ARC as ‘CSL Connected DigiAir Connection Only’. The Eaton panel comes with a LAN IP module as standard so no additional hardware is required for the panel to signal to the ARC or for the customer to access their app.

The CSL Connected range was launched to enable the installer to provide ARC connectivity along with cloud and app useage without the need to install a manufacturer module for the app and a DigiAir for the ARC connection and monitoring, this option will not be the correct solution where ‘dual path’ signalling is required. If this is required then you will still need to install a Dualcom Gradeshift unit to achieve this.

If you were to use the Pyronix equipment then you would have the option of ordering the GPRS or LAN module through EMCS, we would then send you the Pyronix hardware to install, alternatively you can also order Connection Only as the Pyronix Enforcer comes with a Wi-Fi module as standard.

Dualcom MiniAir – The MiniAir was launched to target the millions of bells only customers out there as a way of getting them on the first step of the monitoring ladder by applying the device to any legacy alarm system and enabling the panel to send a push notification to an end user app. There is also potential, depending on the panel, to set the customer up to arm/disarm through their smartphone.

CSL Router – The CSL 4G Router was launched to provide installers with a fully managed solution to provide secure connectivity where fixed line broadband is not available, this may be a remote site or when denied access to a customer’s IT network. The router is also able to provide a secure 4G back up connection on a customer’s existing broadband connection ensuring connectivity is retained even if the broadband was to drop out. Meets British Standards for ‘dual path’ on CCTV.

Burglar and Intruder Alarm Maintenance throughout Cumbria, Yorkshire & Lancashire

Regular servicing ensures that your system meets insurance conditions and maintains optimum performance, and helps equipment achieve a longer service life.

We arrange inspections and routine maintenance, and provide instant access to our 24 hour call out service.
AKD provide 24 Hr Call Out 365 days a year, for emergencies and system resets to ensure peace of mind to our customers.

We consolidate our range of services by achieving an effective level of communication and understanding of a clients requirements and providing the correct solution on time and within budget.

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