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Access Control Security in Cumbria, Yorkshire & Lancashire

Key Considerations When Choosing Type Of Access Control Security System in Cumbria, Yorkshire & Lancashire

  • Location and number of sites
  • Number of areas and points to be controlled
  • Layout of the building
  • Number and turnover of employees
  • Number and access required internally for visitors
  • Disabled access
  • How the system will be managed internally
  • Future growth of the organisation
  • Level of security required
  • Need to incorporate other requirements such as library cards or cashless vending

Types of Access Control Security Points:


The most common types ACCESS point is the keypad access control pad. Access is gained via an external or internal push button keypad linked directly to the lock release mechanism connected to a master control unit inside the entrance.

Swipe Card

Plastic card with magnetic data strip located on one side, which transfers the encoded information to the master control unit when moved through the reader head.

Proximity Readers

Advantageous in the fact that there is No mechanical contact between ‘controller’ and ‘Prox’ fob, meaning Less wear and tear which increases the system life expectancy and makes it less likely to suffer from abuse and external influences. unlike a conventional mechanical type door systems (swipe code / Keypad)

Biometric Readers

This type of reader allows entry only if the authorised user’s unique human characteristics are recognised.Different types are available, which store the geometric patterns of the user’s retina, hand, fac or fingerprint in an electronic memory.

Hands Free Readers

Using active cards or Blue tooth mobile phones, which transmit a signal, you can automatically unlock or open a door /barrier /Gate when the receiver detects the mobile phone or card. Ideal for people with disabilities or people just requiring a technology fix to every day problems.

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