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Pressure Relief Vents

  • 100% Efficient at 95.5 Pascal’s
  • Performance tests verified by BRE
  • Calibrate with Integrity Test Kit
  • Full European and US Fire Test Approval
  • New Improved Design
  • Patent Pending
  • Fire Rated to EN 1363-1 and UL555 for 2 hours.
  • All HIGH-X-100 vents are manufactured to BS476 (Pt 20)

HIGH-X-1OO Pressure Relief Vents

The new HIGH-X-1OO range of pressure relief vents have been fully tested in third party verified tests witnessed by BRE Fire & Security . In a series of tests carried out on the 8th April 2008 the SHX was tested using a Retrotec Integrity Test Kit and this verified that the blades start to open at 80 Pascals and are fully open at 95.5 Pascals.

This has been achieved by the new HIGH-X-1OO patented design which uses the dynamic weight balance of the blades combined with a unique interlocking aerofoil sections, to not only provide superior resistance to fire penetration, but also to utilise the forces available from a gas suppression discharge to ‘self actuate’ the vent.

The SHX Range Size Chart

The new SHX is available from in following sizes:-

Unit Size FVA M2 @95.5PA Test Co-efficient
SHX300 0.076 1.15
SHX500 0.212 1.15
SHX700 0.416 1.15
SHX1000 0.850 1.15



NEW DuFlow Chemical Agent Pressure Relief Vent

  • The DuFlow is available in two sizes DU300 and DU500.
  • The DU300 provides a Negative FVA of 0.03m2 and 0.03m2 for positive pressure venting.
  • The DU500 provides 0.1m2 of FVA for negative and positive pressures.
  • This unit is two hour fire rated to EN1363-1 and can be fitted into walls, panels or doors.
  • Chemical agents can be vented into adjacent areas as the volume of flow is small.
  • Full design guides are available on request.

DuFlow Dimensions

Vent Size Width Height Depth Hole Size FVA Unit Weight
300 345 330 120 355×340 0.03m2 8kg
500 540 530 120 555×540 0.1m2 10kg

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