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Networked Fire Alarm Systems

The Morley-IAS network is unique. A clever protocol allows for the propagation and distribution of all messages and control signalling. A robust protocol that can be used over long distances, even on MICC, mineral based fire resistant cabling. The ZX5se can be networked with other ZX series control panels using Master/Slave architecture. Up to a maximum of 99 control panels can be networked together usinproduct imageg standard control panel operating system. The network can be configured in two ways.

For single sites or large buildings the networking is normally configured as one large system. Each networked control panel shares information. Alarms and communications are reported to each individual display.

If the fire alarm is to provide cover for multiple buildings or multiple sites it is normally configured to operate in a report and control mode. The fire alarm panels act individually or as sub-systems only reporting information to the master on the level above.

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