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Intelligent Fire Alarm Control

The Dimension series of intelligent fire alarms control panels have been developed based on two concepts – simplicity & reliability.

Simply, fix the control panel to the wall, connect the field wiring and everything else is configured in the software. Even programming the control panel is simple. No computer is required and it only takes a few key presses to have a working fire alarm system. First, set the protocol for the loop devices. Second, “Autolearn” the panel and finally, “Reset” the panel. The control panel is now protecting the building.

The Dimension series provides additional features allowing:- programmable text messages to identify the exact location of each field device, a class change input for schools, coincidence and verification detection (false alarm management), sensitivity adjustment (between day and night), programmable function buttons, input/output logic and extensive event logging. A feature rich fire alarm control panel constructed from high specification components to help both the installer and the end user.

The Dimension series is especially suited to small offices, retail units, health centres, leisure facilities, cinemas, nursing homes, sheltered housing and small hotels to name but a few. A compact, high performance, economical fire alarm control panel for the protection of small to medium sized buildings.

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