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Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

in Kendal, Cumbria, Lancashire & Yorkshire

Flexible, intelligent and capable of complex and large solutions (up to 200,000 devices supported on a network) these systems are ideal for most building types. With each device having a unique address code these systems are able to quickly identify specific device locations, and can operate from a single loop to multiple loops if required.

This type of system offers intelligent feedback to the panel providing device specific text and full functionality of the connected devices in relation to levels of smoke/heat within given values.

The cost of analogue systems have come down significantly, so combined with cost saving found from simpler wiring installations over conventional systems, analogue system have become almost the industry standard for all but the smallest sites and buildings.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

in Kendal, Cumbria, Lancashire & Yorkshire

For smaller installs (less than 2000 sq ft) where a simple dual-zone configuration might be used (single room office etc), a conventional system is ideal.

A conventional system requires a dedicate circuit for each zone where detectors or manual call points are used. When the detector or call point is activated the zone’s circuit is broken, triggering the alarm signal to the panel. These systems do not indicate where in the zone the signal was triggered, so a manual search of the triggered zone is required to locate the fire.

They also need separate circuits for the alarm warning devices (sounders and beacons). Consequently, for smaller installs they are practical, but as the size of a system increases, so do installation and wiring costs, making analogue or wireless systems more viable…

Wireless Radio Fire Alarm Systems

in Kendal, Cumbria, Lancashire & Yorkshire

With the same addressable functionality of analogue systems, wireless radio systems are able to be installed easily with little remedial work or wiring required. The component products are more expensive than their comparable analogue addressable counterparts, however, because they require little or no installation wiring, the upfront costs (the system + installation) can be comparable to an analogue system.

They are ideal for listed and historic building, or any site or location where installation wiring would be complex or awkward.

Like in an “intelligent” analogue system, each device’s specific location can be registered on the control panel allowing you to respond with knowledge of the fire’s specific location and intensity…

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