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ANSUL R-102 Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems in Cumbria, Yorkshire & Lancashire

Approvals : UL300. ULC, MEA. ABS & CE Listed

Sometimes we forget how important it is to have a suitable extinguishing system available until an accident occurs. Modern kitchens present a dangerous combination of high amounts of flammable oils and extreme sources of heat, creating an environment in which fire is a constant threat. As well, extraction hoods capture a large amount of grease that deposits in the interior of the hoods, the fans and ducts, providing possible ways to initiate or propagate a fire. Our kitchen fire suppression systems address these situations offering a solution that is specifically tailored to meet the requirement.

Ansul – Main Advantages:

Fast and Effective Suppression against Fire

Temperature rated fusible links ensure complete peace of mind in the event of fire, when the heat reaches a preset temperature the link simply gives way and triggers a release mechanism, so discharging the ansulex liquid fire suppressant.

Complete System Coverage

Primary design of our kitchen fire suppression systems target particular risks/appliances to allow coverage of the nozzles and system permits changes in the distribution of the kitchen appliances without having to change the current detection system.

Overlapping System Coverage

Overlapping Appliance Protection is one of the two design options available with the R- 102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System. The design is flexible and simple. Nozzles are installed in a straight line with a maximum nozzle spacing of 25.5 in. (647 mm) and a height of 40-45 in. (1016- 1143 mm) above the cooking surface. The nozzles are not aimed individually at specific appliances but instead are aimed at the hazard zone centrelines. These overlapping discharge patterns create a continuous zone of protection in which all appliances within this area are protected.

The R-102 system is designed to protect areas associated with ventilating equipment, including hoods, ducts, plenums, and filters. It also protects auxiliary grease extraction equipment and cooking equipment such as various types of fryers, griddles, range tops, broilers, char-broilers, and woks.

Dual Effect Extinguishing Agent

The R-102 system discharges ANSULEX Liquid Fire Suppressant, which quickly knocks down flames on oil under high temperature in a mechanism known as saponification, creating a coating with an immediate dual effect of cooling hot surfaces, while generating a tough vapor securing blanket that helps prevent reflash.

Rapid Re-utilisation

Extinguishing agent easy to clean, allowing the kitchen to be re-utilised very quickly. The Ansul R-1902 system incorporates the easiest of fundamentals in heat detection and subsequent agent release.

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