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Radio Network Communicator

The model FCX-430-001 Radio Network Communicator is a 24V powered module that allows FireCell Control panels to have Wireless network capability.

The communicator is housed in a metal enclosure using 458MHz wavebands to receive command instructions for auto reporting.

The radio network is configured in a mesh network topology. In a mesh network all nodes in the system are responsible for analysing and processing all radio data traffic allowing for any system network configuration. Mesh networks require no pre-configured structure or hierarchy in order for them to operate successfully. Mesh networks require simply that every communicator be in range of at least one other communicator in the network. This allows greater flexibility in the size and shape of mesh networks and proximity of communicators to one another within their maximum achievable range.

Designed and manufactured using the latest techniques and surface-mount technology ensures component count is kept to a minimum, thereby maximising reliability.

  • 24V Powered
  • Range in excess of 500 metres
  • Low current consumption
  • Fully monitored
  • 8 Networkable communicators per system
  • Bi-direction Communication
  • 32 selectable Channels
  • Minimal programming required
  • Range extension capability
  • LED indication of communication
  • LCD programming display

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