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FireCell Radio Hub

The model FCX-500-001 Radio Hub is designed as the loop interface node for up to 64 RCC’s. These then give information via the loop to any CIE using the XP95 protocol.

The system is expanded via the RCC network with each RCC capable of passing information to and from up to 31 detection or output devices.

The cluster network is designed to send and receive information via multiple hops to ensure that a single point of failure does not lose more than 32 devices.

Designed and manufactured using the latest techniques and surface-mount technology ensures component count is kept to a minimum, thereby maximising reliability.

One, two and four loop versions of the Radio Hub are available.

  • Fully addressable
  • Wireless activation
  • Third party approved (EN54)
  • 2-way radio communication
  • Loop powered
  • Diagnostics port
  • Range in excess of 150 metres

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