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FireCell Optical Smoke Detector

The model FCX-100-001 Optical Smoke Detector is bayonet fitted to a radio address/transmitter module, incorporating alkaline batteries and supplied with a surface-mount base unit. Removal of the detector or address/transmitter module will indicate a fault condition. The detector is manufactured by Apollo and complies with EN54 Part 7 and EN54 part 25.

The detector incorporates a selectable automatic lock, which, if enabled locks it into its base when plugged in, preventing unauthorised removal. Each unit has a unique address configured during manufacture and is individually addressable by the system controller. The radio address module is programmed to report at regular intervals of less than 300 seconds.

Designed and manufactured using the latest techniques and surface-mount technology ensures component count is kept to a minimum, thereby maximising reliability.

The address/transmitter module is powered by a low-voltage dual supply alkaline battery pack. The battery pack condition is continually monitored. The battery pack has been tested to provide a 5 year life at normal conditions (15- 35°C). The system indicates remaining battery capacity and a low battery condition is indicated to the controller as a fault, allowing 30 days for the battery pack to be changed before unit failure.

  • Wireless activation
  • Third party approved (EN54)
  • 2-way radio communication
  • Protected sensing chamber
  • 5 year battery life at normal conditions
  • Universal transmitter module
  • Detector / transmitter tamper
  • Range in excess of 150 metres

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