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Fire Suppression Systems in Cumbria, Yorkshire & Lancashire

At AKD Fire & Security we offer a complete engineered range of Gaseous Clean Agent & Water Mist, ‘High’ & ‘Low’ pressure fire suppression systems for fire detection and suppression within various types of server rooms, switch rooms, archive stores and rooms protecting intellectual property and most other areas requiring an engineered fire suppression solution using FM200, CO2, Novec etc.


  • Computer Facilities
  • Telephone Equipment Facilities
  • Radio and TV Communications Facilities
  • Cellular Telecommunications Facilities
  • Storage of Documents and other Valuables
  • Hospital Facilities
  • Control Rooms
  • Libraries
  • Test Facilities
  • Museums
  • Flammable Material Storage
  • Wind Turbines

We consolidate our range of services by achieving an effective level of communication and understanding of a clients requirements and providing the correct solution on time and within budget.

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