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Room Integrity Testing UK

  • To ensure the effectiveness of your gaseous fire suppression system, the ‘integrity’ of the room, i.e. its capacity to HOLD the gas is a critical factor in achieving a ‘Pass’ to NFPA 2001 Strandards.
  • Room Integrity Testing is vital to ensure your protected area is well-sealed and your gaseous agent won’t escape causing the fire to possibly re-ignite
  • Integrity Testing is a mandatory requirement of BS ISO 14520 and should be undertaken annually
  • Integrity testing should also be carried out every time building work is undertaken in or around the protected area

Testing is required each year to re-certify the room and the gas suppression performance, and may be a requirement of the Clients Insurance Company to revalidate the protection provided to the space.

AKD Fire and Security carry out such Room Integrity testing and can offer a remedial sealing and retesting service.

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