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Fire Suppression System Design in Cumbria, Yorkshire & Lancashire

The complexity and demands of the business environment means that not only is there challenges in providing suitable protection, but often there is more than one solution to consider.

Even for the most difficult applications our engineers provide ideas which meet the requirements of the most demanding circumstances, whilst providing an efficient and cost effective fire suppression system design.

The AKD designers are vastly experienced and work closely with their customers to offer and advise of the most suitable solution.

Once the concept has been agreed the system will be designed using Hydraulic Calculation software developed by AKD’s Research and Development department and approved by the leading certification organisations.

The software determines the amount of extinguishing agent, the size of the piping and nozzle calibration granting effective protection.

We consolidate our range of services by achieving an effective level of communication and understanding of a clients requirements and providing the correct solution on time and within budget.

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